Aerial acrobatics is an artistic discipline that comes from the circus legacy , has the basics of acrobatics mixed with contemporary and classical dance. It  is a unisex sport , which aims at improving the tone of all muscle groups , the elasticity and the harmony of the body. It can be developed as a recreational experience for children and young people , such as physical activity for adults and complete in all cases as a form of art and body expression . This structure  the use of special equipment such as stretch fabrics (Silks), static trapeze , hoop and straps . No need to be professional dancers or athletes to approach to this discipline , but a healthy dose of curiosity and a desire to get involved. For those who want to try something softer is the anti gravity yoga , which uses the stretch fabric hammocks  for a holistic and rejuvenating experience, restructuring the muscle fibers and the balance of body and mind, challenging the laws of gravity.

Befly Asd

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