Flying Trapeze



The flying trapeze is a novelty in Italy. It, too, was born to circus roots of French origin , has spread to the US and Latin America, but there are many schools around the world and in Europe ( Spain, Great Britain , France, Belgium , Switzerland). In Italy we are the only ones to offer this activity and loved by both young audiences and adults . Starting from a platform and fully harnessed you learn figures , from the simplest to the most complex on a swinging trapeze . It 's very similar to the feeling of flying, especially when they reach a certain safety harness leaving the remaining suspended in the air for a split second until you land in the safe hands of  the catcher, the trapezist that is swinging upside down at the end of the trapeze. The flying trapeze can be done from 6 years old up to 90. You do not need special athletic skills, strength or elasticity. It is certain that once you try it you can not live without it !!

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