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The story

The brand BeFly comes from a shared passion and a love of the exotic  born in the Caribbean in 2011 . The Italian Francesca Zappia , a former gymnast and curious about everything that is new and so exciting , tries for the first time the flying trapeze on a beach in the Dominican Republic , where the manager of this discipline is Oneil Simpson, Jamaican by birth and a citizen of the world. The meeting  is karmic and indelibly marks their destinies .  Francesca goes back to Italy and start studying and practicing aerial arts, then meet again  Oneil on the white beaches of  Yucatan , Mexico. Here, the two fall in love and Francesca learns the fundamentals of the flying trapeze.

She considers flying trapeze as the best expression of the acrobatics of gymnastics , historical heritage of his family, and the gracefulness of the dance , along with the eternal human desire to fly.


The two start a reltaionship  around the world until 2013 Oneil arrives for the first time in Italy.

Here he begins to teach and do performances throughout Italy and the lack of a school of flying trapeze lead the two to the idea of starting one .

Oneil and Francesca then start a sport association named BEFLY, and they grow as a performance duo so that they take part to Italian TV shows, international circus acts, muisc videoclips etc but also as aerial teachers and they finally open the first flying trapeze school in Italy in 2015


The passion and love of the couple is breathed by all those who watch their shows and begin a training program with Befly , where they create strong bonds and where everyone feels like in a second home.


With Befly everyone is free to express oneself better and to find not only an environment where training and improve his physical skills , but also to grow as a person and to recognize and " show " one's own wings.

Each of us has a pair of wings, but only those who dream learn to fly. (Jim Morrison)

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